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Chimney Crown Repair and Sealing

Since they are seldom directly visible, chimneys are often one of the most neglected parts of a home. One particularly vulnerable point in chimneys is the crown, the piping that extends vertically out of the roof.

A crack in the crown provides an opening for precipitation such as rain and snow; freezing temperatures then cause the lodged water to expand, widening the crack and leading to more significant damage to the crown. A neglected crack in the crown will eventually allow water to flow directly into the chimney, which may lead to water entering drywall. This can destabilize the crown and eventually lead it to collapse through the chimney.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal Ashland, we can restore cracked chimney crowns, thereby preventing sometimes thousands of dollars in repairs. Our experts can assess a chimney’s condition and recommend any necessary repairs or sealing.

Contact AAAC Wildlife Removal Ashland today, and we will assist you with all of your chimney crown repair and sealing needs.