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The only marsupials found in North America, opossums can live in woodlands and open fields, although they prefer wetlands such as marshes. In urban areas, they will frequently seek shelter in attics, garages and chimneys. Since opossums are nocturnal animals, they may be inhabiting a space without humans noticing them during the daytime.

Opossums are omnivores. Although they like to eat a variety of insects and other animals, they can also start causing headaches by feeding on pet food, birdfeed and even trash.

When threatened, opossums may pretend to be dead. If you notice an opossum lying in this posture, it’s important not to approach the opossum, as the creature may become aggressive when approached. Opossums can also transmit diseases, although their heavy salivation often leads people to assume that they are rabid when they aren’t. Through fleas, opossums can spread murine typhus and other diseases to pets or humans.

If you discover an opossum in your property, contact an animal control specialist. In many cases, trapping and removing an opossum is the necessary solution. At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we can guarantee that our professionals will not only thoroughly resolve the problems generated by opossum occupation, but they will do so in the most humane way possible. Our experts can then follow the operation with making the necessary repairs and implementing exclusion techniques that ensure that opossums never return.

If you need assistance with opossum control or removal, we are just a call away! The professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal are your opossum control specialists.

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