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Being the only marsupials found in North America, Opossums are indeed unique animals. Opossums’ search for habitats can range from woodlands to the open fields. Mostly, they can be seen in nearby streams and wetland areas. However, in urban areas, they seek shelter in attics, garages, chimneys, under houses, or in any shelters that will offer protection to them. Rarely, these marsupials inhabiting urban areas, are visible because of them being nocturnal animals. Opossums’ capability of eating a variety of foods makes them omnivores. Although their main source of food includes insects, earthworms, small rodents, snakes, snails, birds, and frogs, they can also ingest many kinds of fruits, berries, and vegetables. Opossums can cause a nuisance when they start consuming your pets’ food, fruit on trees, pecans, the seeds in bird feeders and even the leftover food in the trash cans.

Opossums may act to be to dead when threatened. It’s essential not to go close or make an attempt to be in contact with an opossum showing this kind of behavior. Often, they revive and are extra defensive, when they do so. They also carry and transmit diseases. Often, people make a presumption that Opossums are rabid because they tend to salivate heavily. Through fleas, Opossums can spread Murine typhus or other diseases to people or pets. Pet owners need to take painstaking efforts to keep fleas away from their animals in the areas with the presence of the Opossums.

It’s essential to eliminate an Opossum from your home by taking quick action. You must call Opossum removal professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal Cincinnati as soon as possible if you assume there is an Opossum in your attic, beneath your porch, underneath your shed, and in your chimney. Our wildlife control specialists do have the necessary training and also the required skills to eliminate the annoying Opossum by following the required repairs and exclusion techniques from keeping the Opossum away from your home. AAAC Wildlife Removal Cincinnati removes the opossums with no physical harm to the animal and by employing safe trapping methods.

You can call us today for controlling or eliminating an Opossum! We at AAAC Wildlife Removal Cincinnati are your Opossum Control Specialists.

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