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Wildlife Franchise Careers

AAAC Wildlife Removal is a nationwide leader and innovator in the Nuisance Wildlife Control industry, providing incredible client services and delivering consistent performance and value. With over 33 locations servicing 22 states, our team of wildlife professionals have the technical ability and nationwide resources to complete large complex projects while continuing to service small to mid-size clientele.

AAAC Wildlife Removal is the only Wildlife Control Company that utilizes the exclusive Total Wildlife Control System. This system provides a point to point program for a complete resolution of our clients wildlife conflict needs in the most humane way possible.

What sets AAAC Wildlife Removal apart from the corporate world is that once you join our team, you are a part of a family of professionals that work together and share common goals. The business model of AAAC Wildlife Removal attracts college graduates, wildlife management professionals and others that share in the love of wildlife.

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Why Are We The Best?

A franchise is a business system that has been tried, tested and proven across different market segments and states. A collective group of owners contribute their time, energy and imagination into creatively growing their franchise while using a successful set of standards and procedures to thrive in their markets.

A recognized brand appeals more to prospective clients versus a stand-alone independent one. AAAC Wildlife Removal has an easily recognized and remembered logo and vehicle branding system that creates instant sales for our franchise owners.

We Are Here To Serve You

Wildlife in the home or office can do serious structural damage. Animals destroy electrical wiring, phone, cable, computer lines and security systems. Wildlife can also be carriers of disease such as rabies, distemper and many other serious diseases.

Our area of expertise is LIVE animal removal and relocation. With our experienced technicians, you can be assured of receiving a safe, effective and humane solution to your animal problem.

Professional control and removal of Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Foxes, Rabbits, Groundhogs, Deer, Geese, Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons, Bats, Snakes, Mice, Rats, Armadillos, Moles, Woodpeckers, and More!