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In South Carolina, beavers are the main cause of draining and flooding troubles. Beavers can cause thousands of dollars in damages to boat docks in the lakes and ponds. Beavers are large aquatic rodents weighing around 25 to 75 pounds, with a flat, scaly tail and webbed hind feet. They mostly eat aquatic plants, trees, and shrubs. Beavers will live near the lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds or springs as long as they get surplus food and water supply in these areas. They usually build dams to cause flooding in the areas to get food and hide from predators which may be looking for them.

Beaver Trapping Columbia

Beavers construct dams which cause flooding. These floods damage timber, crops and also homes and other kinds of structures, roadways, and to the ornamental plants.

If beaver strive to coexist with the humans, it can cause destruction to home and other kinds of structures which can be a result of flooding. There is a possibility of the people residing in entire localities top face from water damage. Often beaver can destroy wooden structures like decks, porches or docks by chewing the wood.
A vital, yet often neglected result of beaver dams is enormous damage to South Carolina’s public roadways. The water drainage the of South Carolina will become a good place for beavers to live. Dams can lead roads to flood, and if the beaver dams are not removed properly, erosion can start on the roads.

Beavers tend to obstruct water control devices and can destroy the structures by burrowing. Any irrigation canals or drains which provide water to the beaver dams should be evacuated as soon as possible. The pond owners in the South Carolina ought to keep a note of the beavers. Beavers can cause extreme destruction to the pond dams by digging them.

Beaver Control Columbia

At AAAC Wildlife Removal of Columbia located in South Carolina, our Wildlife Specialists have the required training and experience to eliminate beaver and also beaver management. Our trained professionals will render services for home locations and even on a large scale for commercial beaver control. We will also do an onsite examine upon request and do a consultation with the landlords and offer all kinds of solution for your beaver control trouble.

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