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Beavers can be seen inhabiting in ponds, lakes, creeks, streams, swamps, bayous, drainages, tanks, reservoirs, storm, drains, branches runs, canals, branches, irrigation ditches and also under homes and businesses. A shed usually is quite good for them to raise a family. If there’s a shelter, they will invade it for sure! Beaver control and elimination should be executed as soon as the animal is found in the area.

Beavers can be the primary source of diseases like Tularemia and Giardiasis. Tularemia can be deadly, and Giardiasis can make you seriously ill If proper treatment is not received. These diseases are communicable and can be transmitted to you and your pets. Be careful that your pets have been properly vaccinated against these harmful diseases.

In order to control a beaver pest, Beaver trapping should often be followed by Beaver relocation if it’s legalized in your area. Trapping a Beaver in most of the cases is essential. With years of experience, we know how to trap a beaver. At AAAC Wildlife Removal Dayton Beaver pest control is one of our specialties.

Trapping a Beaver with no physical harm to it is essential. Proper planning and procedures should be followed in order to get rid of a Beaver. Beaver elimination can be done effectively with appropriate tools and required training. If I had a Beaver in my pond, I would call a Wildlife professional for the exclusion of the Beaver from the pond safely.

Often a Beaver will find itself in a window well. A Wildlife Professional will be required in this kind of dreadful situation to remove a Beaver and also to avoid the risk of an animal bite. Anyone should not try to remove a Beaver in this situation. We eliminate beavers with the use of latest technology and equipment available.

Removal of a dead Beaver from your crawlspace is the service we offer along with deodorization of the area. Generally, Beaver dies in strange places and must be eliminated as soon as possible. We even found a dead Beaver in the basement. Abandoning the dead Beaver will only cause the situation to get worse and can cause further destruction to your home, and this may also tend to draw other animals and insects. Animal control for Beaver is an essential service to protect your home and family. Elimination of a Beaver is required to make your home safe and hygienic again. So, before the situation goes out of control, get rid of the Beaver!

We at AAAC Wildlife Removal Dayton are your Beaver control specialist. So if you require beaver control or removal, call us today!

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