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Exclusion of bats is one of our specialties at AAAC Wildlife removal Denver. We offer services like eliminating bats in your home, attics, chimney, and even in your crawl space. Bats can be annoying wildlife creatures which have to be removed from your home. By using one-way doors and other proven techniques we can assist you with your bats’ problem.

If you are suffering from unwanted bats in your home, AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver can assist you with the elimination of bats. We at AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver use efficient methods like bat exclusion to get the creature out of your home. At the same time, none of our removal methods are deadly to the animal.

Once the bats have been eliminated from the homes, it’s the attic damage which mostly the homeowners suffer from. Bats pollute the insulation with their guano. Their feces allure insects and destroy the attic insulation. We offer a complete attic cleanup as well as insulation replacement.

In order to enter the home, all bats require space about the size of a coin. Generally, these holes are found on the roof where a tile has lost its grip. This is one of the ways by which a bat can get inside. Bats can enter and exit through these holes as many times as they can. They also use these holes during the night when they go out for collecting food. Our professionals can let you know about the best possible methods after doing a full inspection of your home.

Once bats are eliminated from your home, our team can provide you a complete seal up service to assure that bats don’t return. It is of vital importance that bats exclusion is performed humanely. AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver does not use any sticky or wired traps for the removal of bats. These can prove to be harmful and not required, and we don’t use those types of methods.

For any Bat exclusion and control problems, call AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver, your local wildlife professionals!

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