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Opossum Removal Frankfort

For opossum problems and trapping, call at 859-470-8655. We will handle all of your problems related to opossums such as possum in your house, opossums in your yard, and opossum in the attic.

We will safely and humanely remove a possum from your home. Don’t let an opossum create a nest under your house. Call at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Frankfort today.

If you discover Opossum living in your attic, crawlspace, house, or business, its control and removal should be initiated as soon as possible.

Call your local Frankfort wildlife specialist before the problem gets out of control at 859-470-8655.

Do you presume you have opossums in your attic? A possible indication that there is an opossum in your attic is striking sounds coming from above the ceiling. Opossums normally are louder than mice and rats, but less loud than raccoons. You may sometimes hear hissing. A roof inspection is a must as it often reveals spaces big enough for an opossum to fit in.

Services related to removing a dead opossum from your yard or home and deodorizing the area is one of the few offers we provide. Dead opossum must be removed as soon as possible. Leaving a dead opossum in your area or home is unsightly and will only make the problems critical by attracting other animals and insects.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Frankfort is your local expert that can get rid of your opossum problem most swiftly and humanly possible.

Drop a Call at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Frankfort at 859-470-8655 for your local Frankfort Opossum Control Specialist or Wildlife Removal.

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