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Being destructive diggers, Pocket Gophers can be terrifying for house owners. With the help of their sharp claws and teeth, they dig underground tunnels and burrows which can cause severe damage to your home. Pocket gophers derive their name from the fur-lined cheek pouches which they use for carrying food to their burrows.

Pocket gophers can live in diverse environments and a range of heights. As they are fossorial and reside underground, they mostly prefer moist, porous soils with good drainage. Sufficient vegetation is also favorable for them as they consume plants and use them for protection and structure.

Within their dwelling, gophers dig burrow systems on a large scale. These systems are well equipped for travel runs, drainage tunnels and chambers for a living, eating and excreting waste.

We are called to control Gophers which are one of the most common species of wildlife. They can be found residing in the lawns, landscapes and they also make homes under the porches and patios. Gophers create underground tunnels and throw out the dirt by digging and placing it on your lawn or landscape. Most commonly Gophers eat roots of the plants and shrubs.

Gopher control and elimination should be executed as soon as the animal has been found residing in this area as Gophers will chew down the roots of the plants, trees, and shrubs thereby killing them. Expensive landscaping can be destroyed instantly by this animal. Often they are being called by their first name “ the Pocket Gopher”.

Gopher control and removal must only be performed by those who are well versed about the behavior of this animal. AAAC Wildlife Removal Houston is the ultimate local professional that can assist you in getting rid of the Gopher.

Often we initiate trapping of Gopher followed by Gopher relocation to control Gopher pest. Trapping a Gopher is essential in most of the cases. With years of experience, we know how to get rid of a Gopher. At AAAC Wildlife Removal Houston, Gopher pest control is one of our specialties. They can also be treated with rodenticide to control them.

It’s necessary to trap a Gopher by causing no harm to it. Proper planning and procedures should be followed to get rid of a Gopher. With appropriate tools and required training, Gopher removal can be done effectively. I would prefer to call a professional for a Gopher to be removed from my yard quickly as well as humanely.

Exclusion of a dead Gopher in your wall or house is the service we offer including deodorization of the area. Usually, Gophers die in strange places and must be eliminated as soon as possible. We have even found a dead Gopher in the basement. Abandoning the dead Gopher will only cause the situation to worsen and will lead to further damage of your home by attracting insects and animals inside your home. It’s necessary to have a Professional Animal control for Gopher removal to protect your family and home. Proper elimination of a Gopher is required to make your home safe again. It’s always better to get rid of the Gopher before it becomes serious trouble for you!

If you are in need of Gopher control or removal, give us a call today! We at AAAC Wildlife Removal Houston are your Gopher Control Specialists.

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