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How To Trap Squirrels


Squirrels are members of the rodent family.  Their size is generally around 16-18 inches from nose to tail and weigh approximately one pound. Squirrels are active throughout the year as well as are arboreal which means that they reside in trees. Squirrels eat a variety of food like nuts, seeds, fungi, fruits, and of course the seeds in your birdfeeder. They store nuts and acorns in holes in the ground.   

Squirrels have got accustomed to humans. They frequently use buildings for nesting purposes. They love to get into a house and settle in an attic or soffit.  Often, they seek for a small opening and will chew a wider hole to gain entry into the building. They carry nesting material along with them into the home, and make noise by running around and catching nuts.  

Squirrels frequently fall down the chimney flue and make lots of noise or enter the fireplace. Often, they fall from the attic and get stuck. Often they chew their way into the apartments or commercial buildings and frequently make their way in the attic through the gable vent.  There is always a danger of fire in the homes from squirrels because when they carry their nesting materials along with them, they might chew the power lines. Squirrels can leave behind droppings in huge amount and also urinate in the attic. Their droppings not only smell foul however, are a biohazard risk and the smell tends to entice new squirrels.   

Since squirrels carry parasites and therefore are the vectors for diseases that fleas, ticks, etc.,  can diffuse, they leave a lot of droppings, which pose usual excrement health risks like leptospirosis or Salmonella.  

Squirrel removal from a home is done through the process of trapping and removal. For the squirrel to be removed from the attic, all the openings and the vulnerable areas should be appropriately sealed with material which squirrels can’t chew.   Squirrels can then be trapped and removed, or eliminated through the one-way exclusion doors and tunnels.  

You will mostly encounter a  squirrel problem if you have a chimney in your home.   Chimney caps are an easy and affordable way to help homeowners prevent squirrels and other types of wildlife away from entering via the chimney.  The chimney caps have space through which the smoke goes out, but these holes are too small for letting any animals in. So, always keep an eye on the squirrels as you can find them near the chimney either early in the morning or at night trying to make their way into your house. If you see them, the time has come to take a action before it’s too late!

Be cautious because trapping alone will not solve your squirrel problem as new squirrels will take their place. If there’s a squirrel presence in the attic, there is a possibility of a nest of baby squirrels up there. Trapping won’t prevent new ones from doing the same if squirrels are chewing.  Just setting out a cage and eliminating the animals will make the situation worse. So trapping is not an easy process and requires much experience.

Squirrel trapping can be executed by placing the cage trap in many places like on a roof, in a tree, or even on the ground. You can also set one trap in an attic, though it won’t catch anything there. It is important  to use the right size of trap- because with a small size trap, the animal won’t be able to enter the trap or it won’t close. If the trap is too large, and does not close, and the squirrels can easily run around the trap and then strike their face against the steel bar. 

A one-way exclusion door method works like the repeater trap, except it’s open on one end, instead of an enclosed cage.  The one -way door is a great option to let all the squirrels go out of the house, and not allowing them back in. Don’t try to use this trap if there are areas which squirrels can use to chew to come back in. Use this trap only in secure homes which have a proper entry or exit holes.

The process of catching a squirrel is more than just trapping. It requires identifying their entry points, seal- proofing entry holes, prevention by cleaning their droppings and urine, and removing their babies in the nests.  All these steps must be taken for a complete elimination of squirrels, especially when the animals are in the house. Most people execute the squirrel removal task themselves which does not completely solve the problem and often creates more problems for them. 

If there’s a squirrel presence in the attic in your home, call  AAAC Wildlife Removal of Charlotte for all your wildlife animal needs. Our team of experienced professionals have years of experience in squirrel removal and trapping and will remove squirrels from your home safely. 


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