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Automatic Ventilation Systems Installed in Crawlspaces

When was the last time you gave careful consideration to your crawl space vents? Are you aware that you should open the vents in warm months and close the vents in winter? Most people think that the vents should be left open the whole year. In Southern areas where the temperature is hotter, it is not as important to seal the vents. However, if you are living in an area where temperatures fall under freezing, your vents must be closed for the wintertime.

Regular crawlspace vents use a thin screen for repelling pests and keeping them from getting into your home. Reptiles like snakes usually enter by crawlspace vents following the rats and mice that have trespassed your home.

Setting up automated crawlspace vents will eliminate the need to memorize to open and close them as the season’s change. These vents will automatically react to the ambient air heat and shift the opening when needed. These gaps likewise offer peace of mind by keeping undesirable, untamed life out of your basement or crawl space.

Guard your business or home with an automatic vent installation. Our specialists at AAAC Wildlife Removal Houston will be happy to help you.

With our automatic vents, you won’t have to worry about manually moving them again! One less thing to suffer. Temp vents are also another name for automatic ventilation systems installed in crawl spaces.