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Animal and Bird Nest Removal from Dryer, Bath, Stove Vents and Chimneys

Animals usually enter unique areas. If it is dark, they will move right in and set up housekeeping. Having multiple vents on a home or business results in significant places where pets can gain access to a structure and start breeding. Birds and squirrels commonly use dryer and bath vents for nests. They will pack their packing material in the vent and rear their young in the piping.

These nests can close up the vent and, at a minimum, negatively affect the air-conditioning of the building. This can prompt risky overheating, bringing about a fire in the case of a dryer vent.

All vents must be kept free-flowing to permit proper function, but they require to be guarded with a secure cover to stop wildlife from attacking. There are lots of styles of covers available that will defend a wide range of forms and sizes of vents and chimney vents. We only use the best quality chimney and vent cases and offer a warranty on each one we install.

If you face a wildlife infestation of your chimney or vent, call us, i.e., the Wildlife Control experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal Louisville for support with animals and birds nest removal from shower, dryer, stacks and stove vents.