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Chimney Crown Repair and Sealing

You cannot see the top of a fireplace to figure out any damage which may have happened. Also, a chimney is considered as the neglected part of a home.

The top of the pipe is called the crown. A crack in the crown permits the rain and the snow to enter, and when it cools, it leads to the expansion of ice and the crown breaks down which eventually leads to more loss.

Once the crown is loose due to the presence of a crack in it, the water will flow down into the chimney. With the cracks gradually widening up, water may even pave its way into the house through the drywall. This will result in, the crown collapsing inwards, and falling inside the chimney.

We have a unique process, of restoring these broken chimney crowns for you and even save thousands of dollars in repair. Most chimney crowns can be fixed, instead of being replaced, which results in large cost savings to you. Our chimney crown experts will examine, the top of the chimney, analyze the reason for the damage and will recommend any repairs or sealing, if applicable. Our chimney crown experts will apply a unique coating over the existing crown to avoid any kind of further leakage and decay.

Contact, AAAC Wildlife Removal Louisville today and we will assist you with all of your chimney crown repair and sealing needs.