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Custom and Standard Size Chimney and Vent Caps Designed and Installed

Sizeable holes in chimney flue can be found in homes or business. If the hole is left open, it will draw animals like raccoons, bats, squirrels, wood ducks, chimney swifts and reptiles inside. The heat released from the homes tends to attract birds to get in the chimney to warm themselves.

When the chimney is uncapped, it leads to a small way to your home all the way through the damper. Also, there is a risk of animals making their way into the chimney if the damper remains open.

If glass bars are in the place, they will keep a bird in but if a squirrel or a raccoon, has attacked your chimney, they can ram through the glass doors and get in. And when animals come inside the house, they can create havoc! The sight of angry, confused, animals roaming around in your home can be a very unpleasant experience.

Birds also sometimes use flue gas vents for nesting purpose.

The nesting material can cause carbon monoxide gas to rise to a menacing level which can be very deadly for your home. In order to avoid any such kind of incident, make sure the gas vents are examined and guarded the same way like any chimney flue.

The Wildlife Control Professionals at AAC Wildlife Removal Louisville can assist you with all your chimney cap and flu vent requirements. We are just a call away for a complete evaluation and evade any obnoxious surprises at your home. According to your home needs, we will design and install chimney and vent caps.