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Geese Management Programs

What happens when you see a mother goose sitting in a nest? Well.., let’s say you’re not curious enough to find it out!!

Quarreling with people, striking with the aircraft, falling on the golf path, walkaways and poisoning of water sources are just a handful of hurdles created by Geese.

In most of the areas in the country, goose population is on a rise. Due to their numbers swelling up they can be easily seen in the fields otherwise they are unlikely to be pinpointed. It’s common for a goose to produce and hatch out of a nest of eggs right on a patio!

Geese should be kept at a safe distance away from the vicinity of people, property, and aircraft.

The Certified Geese Management professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal Louisville know how to fix your geese problems. For any support related to geese management programs, contact us.