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Home Sale / Purchase Wildlife Inspection

When you buy a new or an already existing home, there may be chances of the house being infested with pests like a bat, mice, snake, and a squirrel. Many houses are bought with the presence of bat mice, snake and squirrel issues that a home inspector has ignored.

You cannot examine wildlife pest until you have the required training to detect where the problem exists. For this reason, only you have a pest control expert to investigate the home or business you are buying for insect infestations.

The best way of investment is to protect your assets by hiring a wildlife expert for your home inspection. If you purchase a house with the presence of bats, it can make you shell out thousands of dollars to remove the pest and for the damages to be repaired.

Our Wildlife Management Experts will do a certified animals investigation of your house and the company. We will also provide a complete inspection of the crawl space, interior, exterior and landscaping.

If the investigation indicates an infestation, then we will collaborate with both the sides to find the best resolution and will also ensure a smooth transition into your new home or company.