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Inspection of Vacant Properties

In the current real estate market, most of the homes remain vacant and unattended for months

Unoccupied properties are the most vulnerable to be damaged by the Wildlife insects. The situation can be more dangerous, with no one there to check for the pest infestations.

Vacant houses also undergo temperature change which can lead to cracks in the walls and pillars. Therefore permitting animals and insects in the house. Soffits and belts can easily fall off the walls which can be an easy access for an attic or the wall. Pest can take advantage of any opening on the wall and move into the setup housekeeping!

With the help of digital photos or a video, our professionals can provide you with the full investigation report of your unoccupied house and also photos in context to any kind of loss or infestation. We will send the digital photos or video for you to review in case we are incapable to meet up or if you live far away!

Generally, while working with homeowners we give vacation home evaluation, wildlife animal and pest control services for your property. Rather than driving for hours to meet face to face and then drive back home, we render these kinds of services periodically and also make sure that your property is shielded from any kind of loss which may depreciate the resale value or safety of your home.