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Roofline Flashing to Prevent Bird, Squirrel, Opossum and Raccoon Entry

Advanced building techniques cause problems when rooflines are not properly sealed, and soffits do not reach the roof shingles. This creates an entry point for the animals by providing a direct way to the soffit or attic.

Most of these entry points are concealed from view, either by a joining roofline that is invisible from the ground or hidden inside a gutter. The roof lines have to be adequately sealed and can prevent wildlife animals like birds and squirrels from making nests. An adequately sealed home will consume less power and save you bucks on service charges.

Homes with many features are prone to openings. For instance, if you have four dormers in your house, there could be eight openings. In addition to the normal roof connections, there may be excellent chances of potential for 12 or more openings on the average home.

Once we secure these areas and the wildlife removal process is complete, your home or company will be sealed from the elements and secured from wildlife living in your soffits or attic.

Through proper roofline flashing, guard your home or business against the entry of squirrel, raccoon, birds, and opossum.