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Wildlife Habitat Management and Consulting

Animal species need proper shelter and a balanced diet in order to sustain a healthy population. When properties are converted directly from farmland to natural growth, often many species lose the chance to maintain themselves.

For example, turkeys and quail require mowed grass, since mowed grass enables their newborns to eat insects. Other species need cover from predators. Through a sound wildlife management system, your property can not only contribute to the flourishing of local species, but also attract species which have vacated the area.

Some wildlife management approaches utilize feeders for nourishing specific species, but feeders can actually spread illnesses among a local population. Our wildlife specialists can restore the plants to your property that will sustain the wildlife population without unnecessarily spreading disease.

Wildlife is one of our most valuable resources, and once lost, nothing can replace it. When wildlife has the right conditions, it will thrive. Let us serve you and our fellow creatures by working with you to develop a wildlife environmental management program.