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AAAC Wildlife Removal Pittsburgh is a Nuisance Wildlife Management company that offers animal, wildlife, pest removal and control services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


We not only protect your business or home from insect pests and wildlife but also have skilled craftsman that carry out repairs and exclusion inside and out!

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Nuisance Wildlife Control, Inspection, Exclusion, Wild Animal Trapping and Damage Repair for:

WELCOME TO AAAC Wildlife Removal Pittsburgh

Severe damage can be done by wildlife in the office or home. Animals badly destroy computer lines, phone, wiring, cable and security systems. Many diseases can also be carried by wildlife like distemper, rabies and various other serious illnesses.

We expertise in LIVE animal relocation and removal. Our experienced technicians assure you of receiving a humane, safe and effective solution to any animal related problem.

Professional removal and control of Squirrels, Skunks, Raccoons, Rabbits, Groundhogs, Foxes, Deer, Sparrows, Starlings, Geese Pigeons, Snakes, Mice, Bats, Rats, Armadillos, Woodpeckers, Moles and More!


Click the button to launch the AAAC Wildlife Animal Identifier. Just take a picture of the unidentified critter, and one of our Wildlife Specialists will identify it for you!

Franchising and Career opportunities

Once you join the AAAC Wildlife Removal team, you are a part of a family of professionals that share the same goals and work together to help each other, and this is what sets us apart.

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We know about wildlife and so can you. Visit our animal library to get information on the habitats and habits of some of the most common animals as well as easy ways to control them.


  • This is the company that came to get squirrels out of our attic and, in August, bats. He was very knowledgeable both about the critters and the laws in dealing with them. Above all, he showed professionalism in respect for the customer and respect...

    Andy Taylor
  • Tatum Properties contacted AAAC on a Saturday after a resident reported a smell in the wall. AAAC got there the same day, removed the problem from the attic, and came up with a plan to shore up the property so the problem didn’t repeat in th...

    Cindy Tatum
  • Just had AAAC Wildlife Removal come out to our property for snake service. The technician explained everything he was going to do and answered all questions I had. Everything explained to me on the phone was the same thing he told me, no surprises...

    Chris Render
  • AAAC were absolutely terrific! We have had a bat problem for a few years and this team took care of them in record time. They refused to take any payment for the job until we were 100% satisfied! They were very professional and worked through all ...

    Jessica Fox