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If you are facing a problem on your property, all you have to do is submit a work request form online. Doing so will immediately assign a work order for the location you choose. You don’t even have to call!However, if your need is more critical, you can always contact us directly over the phone.Once you have submitted your work order to us, we will contact the homeowner or business to inform them that we have accepted the work request. If necessary, we will work to make an appointment. A licensed and trained pest-control or wildlife professional will then work on solving the problem. Once the problem is resolved, your office will be notified. If fees exceed the predetermined level, we will discuss with you the steps necessary to fully complete the project.We provide warranties on all of our animal re-entry work. That means that if any animals enter your house because of our repairs, we will eliminate the animals and resolve the problem for you FOR FREE. Once you hand a problem over to us, we will take responsibility for it from start to finish.If you’re uncertain whether your problem can be resolved, give us a call! No matter how unusual it may appear, we can often find a way to achieve a solution. Ask us how we can preserve your properties through our exclusive Wildlife Control property management system.

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Click the button to launch the AAAC Wildlife Animal Identifier. Simply take a picture of the unknown critter and one of our wildlife specialists will identify it for you!


We know wildlife, and you can too. Visit our Animal Library for information on the habits and habitats of some of the most common animals, plus easy ways to control them.