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Removing Wildlife Waste From Your Attic

Attics are a frequent target for rodent and wild animal infestation as they offer safety, warmth, and other elements these animals need for nesting and breeding. Regardless of what state your attic was in before the furry invaders, wild animals can certainly make the space their own — in more ways than one.

AAAC Wildlife Removal offers various methods safely clean the mess. We highly recommend professional assistance with this matter as animal urine and feces can cause disease, massive structural damage and further attract other critters to take up residence in your home.

First Things First

The culprit critters must be removed and the points of entry sealed to prevent further waste accumulation. We can provide whole-home inspections to help you identify where mice, rats, bats and other small animals may be gaining access to your attic spaces. 

Speed is of the essence after the animals have been removed, as their waste can attract other critters to invade the same space. 

Removing Droppings 

The droppings rats, mice, squirrels, birds, and bats can’t be eliminated appropriately by hand. Usually, these droppings are in the form of thousands of small pellets dispersed in the attic or in the insulation. These droppings must be cleaned up with the help of a filter vacuum. 

Large droppings and other waste left by animals should be removed by hand because vacuums are not robust to remove them. Bigger animals like raccoons and opossum can leave behind an enormous amount of droppings. If you should try this yourself, it’s important to adequately protect yourself from infectious diseases by wearing proper safety equipment. 

Final Touches 

The insulation should be removed and replaced with new layers if the droppings are spread in high density in the insulation. AAAC Wildlife Removal can reinstall rolls or blown-in insulation replacement. 

The attic should be fogged with the help of a unique electric-powered atomizing mist machine, which releases a special enzyme-based biohazard cleaner. This special cleaner destroys organic matter without affecting the structure. It kills the pathogens and breaks down the urine, grease, and feces, effectively ‘digesting’ it with time. It renders the waste inert and removes the foul smell left by the animals. It’s vital to get rid of the odor because the scent of animals residing in the area can allure new animals of the same kind — or even their predators. 

We understand what a hassle such a mess can create. Our trained professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal can help you clean your space and prevent further intrusions.


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