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Moles take up residence under porches and patios. Moles create tunnels underground and “push up” the dirt that is excavated and deposit it on the surface of your lawn or landscape. Moles commonly eat earthworms and grubs.

Mole control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in this area as Moles will tunnel through lawns damaging root systems and making it unstable to walk on the lawn. Expensive landscaping can be ruined quickly by this very small animal.

Mole control and removal should only be attempted by people who understand the behavior of this animal. AAAC Wildlife Removal is your local professional that can get rid of your Mole.

To control pest Mole, we often must begin Mole trapping followed by Mole relocation. Trapping Moles is necessary in most cases. We know how to get rid of a Mole and have years of experience of removing Moles at AAAC Wildlife Removal. Trapping Moles is the most effective technique to control Moles. Rodenticides do not work to control Moles. Our Mole control experts can remove your Moles without putting deadly poisons in your lawn!

Mole Control
Trapping a Mole humanely is important to prevent as little stress as necessary to the Mole. Getting rid of a Mole is a process that should be carried out with proper planning and procedures. Mole removal can be done in an efficient manner with the proper tools and training. If I had a Mole in my yard, I would want a professional that could remove the Mole quickly and humanely.

A dead Mole in your house is a service that we provide including the deodorization of the area. Moles do occasionally die in unusual places and they must be removed as soon as possible. We have even found a dead Mole in a basement. Leaving the Mole will only make the problem worse and cause further damage to your home and attract other animals and insects. Animal control for Mole is a necessary service to protect your home and family. Removing Mole is the first step to making your home healthy again. Get rid of Mole the right way before the problem gets out of control.

AAAC Wildlife Removal is your Mole Control Specialist. If you have a Mole control or removal need, call us today!

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