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Do you know that a rat can enter through a small roof hole? It’s really exciting to hear that since a roof rat is about 7-10 inches long and weighs approximately 170-255 grams. Some people think rats’ bone structure is just like ours but in reality, they have a collapsible skeleton. Moreover, due to their long, cylindrical shapes and slender, they can wiggle their way through. It means that unless your home is sealed from all the corners, there are chances of the rat getting its way into your home.

Approximately 80% of the customers contact us for a rat problem or with rats on their rooftop. We are just a call away if you are suffering from a rat problem if you hear scratching noises on the floor of the attic or in the walls or notice any damage from their chewing.

Roof rat is an appropriate name for this rat as it nests in high areas of your house most commonly getting a way in the attic through a flaw on the rooftop. They also discover ways to get in through open garages or garages that aren’t sealed very well.

Rats hardly take time to get inside your home. During colder temperatures, rats and other rodents look for a warm place where they can get warmth for the whole night. They also search for warm areas to have their babies.

If you have a rat problem in your home or business, contact AAAC Wildlife Removal South Central quickly! The best option would be to have an expert for catching rats and sealing your home. Don’t feel sad because you already paid enough for rat removal and the rats have come back. Until you seal up your house, wild animals will primarily return if they have already become used to your home or dormer.

While many people think they can fix the problem by setting nets all over their house, rats are very smart, and they know how to get food through the traps without being trapped. Call an expert for setting up a trap and taking care of the situation and also to minimize the damage caused by rats in your house.

Rats mate all year round while February, March and May, June are the main mating months for them. Rats reproduce multiple babies and even can have up to 7 babies at a time. Females can start breeding when they are just 3 months old due to their fast maturity rate. If you calculate, rats mate all year round, and they never leave your home!

Sounds explained as squeaking and scratching on walls and ceilings can be heard. You can also hear them running here and there in the attic.

Don’t worry if you hear these sounds! Call the professionals at the AAAC Wildlife Removal South Central for quick help.

We offer the service of eliminating dead rats from your attic or crawlspace including the deodorization of the area. Generally, rats lose their lives in unusual places and should be removed as soon as possible. We have even found a dead rat on the wall. Dropping a dead rat can be more troublesome for you and can also lead to further destruction of your home and draw more animals and insects inside your home.

It’s vital to have an animal control service to shield your home and family. The primary step is to remove the rats to make your home hygienic and fresh again. To get rid of the rats before the situation is uncontrollable would be the best.

Rats not only suffer from Hantavirus and Bubonic Plague but also spread multiple numbers of diseases like fleas, ticks, and rabies. Therefore, there is always a danger of these diseases spreading to humans and even to your pets. Be assured to vaccinate your pets to protect them against these harmful and deadly diseases.

Rat pests residing in the attic eaves can be worrisome for you as they can chew down the electrical wiring and can also dismantle the roof and other structures.

We remove Mice and Rats with the use of latest technology and equipment and also assist you in getting rid of these rats instantly and humanely.

A number of diseases can be transmitted through bites or scratches, ingesting contaminated food or water, inhaling contaminated dust or even coming in direct contact with an infected rat.

Call an AAAC Wildlife Removal South Central professional today if you are suffering from a rat problem.

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