Birds can take residence in your home or business in a whole variety of locations. Not only do they like to build their nests in attics, fireplaces, chimneys, crawlspaces, shutters and vents, but they can even live behind the siding!As soon as a bird is found living in your building, bird control and elimination should be quickly implemented. Droppings from birds living in attics or walls can contaminate insulation, with some fecal matter containing histoplasmosis, a fungal disease that can prove deadly to anyone who breathes its spores.

Int. Damage - Mod.
Threat - Low
Waste Lvls - Mod.

Birds can be vectors for deadly diseases such as Aspergillus, avian pox, Salmonella and West Nile virus.At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we believe that animal life is valuable. Our professionals can assess your individual situation and remove birds successfully without causing them any harm. In fact, trapping is not necessary in most circumstances. We do not advocate killing or injuring birds, for birds often provide an important check on local insect populations.What do I do when I find an injured or dead bird?
If you ever happen upon a bird lying on the ground in your yard, never pick it up. It might be a baby bird that needs its mother’s care. If you touch the bird, the mother may smell your scent on the baby and reject it. Adult birds lying on the ground, on the other hand, may be infected with West Nile virus. Birds infected with West Nile virus pose an immediate threat to your health.Birds can die in strange places. If you find a dead bird in your home or property, it must be eliminated as soon as possible.
Failing to deal with the dead bird will only worsen the situation, as its corpse can cause further damage to your home and attract other pests. Whenever you encounter a dead bird on your property, contact AAAC Wildlife Removal. We can remove the bird’s body and clean and deodorize the area, ensuring that no other animals will be attracted to the location.Whether you need to remove existing birds or ensure that birds don’t return by implementing bird exclusion, the specialists at AAAC Wildlife Removal are here to assist you in dealing with the situation in a professional and humane manner.

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