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No Cats or Dogs



Our Story

AAAC Wildlife Removal began because one man asked his neighbor for help removing a Raccoon from his attic.

Not long after, in December of 1995 AAAC Wildlife Removal was born, based on a strong belief that we could operate humanely, and satisfy our customers better than any other Wildlife Removal company in the country. Ever since then we have strived to provide top quality service to our customers.

AAAC Wildlife Removal Today

Since that day in 1995, AAAC Wildlife Removal has grown quite a bit. Now, in our 25th year, we are the 2nd largest Wildlife Removal company in the United States. Our 35 offices satisfy residential, commercial and municipal customers across 22 states, coast to coast. AAAC’s team of wildlife management professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in all facets of wildlife management.

Mission Statement

To honor God in all that we do and who we serve by maintaining a high level of service and quality that our present and future clients deserve and expect. AAAC Wildlife Removal will be the leader and innovator in the Wildlife Management Industry, providing incredible client services and delivering consistent performance and value that will deliver excellence in the Wildlife Management Industry


  1. Dedication: Work collaboratively with our employees, customers and corporate to solve problems and achieve goals.
  2. Integrity: Building trust by always doing things the “right way”
  3. Innovation: Embracing opportunities to constantly learn and be willing to adapt.
  4. Teamwork: We work together to turn our goals and objectives into accomplishments.
  5. Accountability: We are individually responsible for our results.