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Also known as “dillos,” armadillos can be found in lawns and gardens and under porches and patios. Armadillos are natural tunnelers who dig in search for insects and also love to find shelter underground.

Their penchant for digging makes them particularly harmful. Armadillos can quickly destroy expensive landscaping. Not only can they ruin your yard, but they can also undermine the foundations of your home, leading to massive repairs. Whenever an armadillo is spotted in an area, professionals should be quickly contacted to control and remove the animal.

For best results, armadillos should be relocated after they are trapped. From setting the traps to removing the armadillo without causing harm to the creature, the whole process requires professional training and experience.

AAAC Wildlife Removal is also prepared to remove dead armadillos. Dead armadillos are frequently found in strange places–they have even been found inside basements–and their bodies should be eliminated as quickly as possible, since failing to deal with a dead armadillo can lead to further home damage while attracting other pests to the location. At AAAC Wildlife Removal, after we remove a dead armadillo, we deodorize the area, ensuring that other pests don’t congregate around the smell.

If you think you need armadillo control or removal services, give us a call! AAAC Wildlife Removal is your local armadillo control specialist.

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