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image of a sparrow
11/28/2022 5 minute read

Where do birds nest?

Birds already amaze you as they take their flight in the air. But another unique thing about birds, or Avians, is their ability to build their nests. Their nests serve as a home for their young and can be made in several locations. Some nests are simple and small, while…

Birds already amaze you as they take their flight in the air. But another unique thing about birds, or Avians, is their ability to build their nests. Their nests serve as a home for their young and can be made in several locations. Some nests are simple and small, while others are large and complex.

Nesting is vital to a bird’s life cycle. Birds nurse their young to the point of fledging or when old enough to fly and leave the nest. Without a safe place to lay their eggs and raise their young, birds would not be able to survive. 

Some bird populations have been decreasing. While some abundantly multiply as they mate for life or during their respective mating season. But no matter how abundant their presence is, it is always important to know where birds usually keep their nests and their young to avoid disturbing them.

So, let’s answer where birds build their nest!

Habitat in the Wild

The first thing you should know is that birds will generally build their nests in areas where they feel safe and secure. This could be in trees, bushes, ground, or even artificial structures like buildings or power lines.

They will also build their nests close to food sources, so they can easily feed their young. And finally, birds will build their nests in areas with good shelter from the elements so their young are protected from the sun, wind, and rain.

a sparrow on a tree


Since forests are the primary habitats of birds, the trees serve as one of the most common places you’ll find bird nests. This could be in the fork of branches, on limbs, or even in a hole in the tree’s trunk.

The type of tree will also dictate where the bird builds its nest. Some birds will only make their nests in certain kinds of trees, while others are more generalists and will build on any tree they can find.

For example, woodpeckers will only build their nests in trees with soft bark that they can quickly peck into. But robins will build their nests in just about any type of tree, including evergreens, deciduous, and fruit trees.

Other birds, like house sparrows, will also use nest boxes made by humans.

american robin nest


Birds will also build their nests in bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation types. They will usually build their nests close to the ground so they can easily hop in and out.

Like finches and sparrows, some birds make their nests entirely out of plant material like twigs and leaves. Others, like robins, will build a cup-shaped nest out of plant material and line it with soft materials like feathers.

sparrow nest with 4 eggs

On the Ground

Some birds will build their nests on the ground or in land areas, especially if no trees or bushes are available. These ground nests can be simple scrapes in the dirt or more complex structures made out of plant material and lined with soft materials.

Birds that build ground nests include quail, killdeer, and some types of sparrows. These birds often build their nests in areas with long grass or vegetation to help camouflage the nest and keep the young safe.

a mallard nest with nine eggs

Near water

Many birds will build their nests near water, either in trees next to a river or lake or near a pond or stream. This is because many birds rely on aquatic insects for food. So, by building their nests near water, they can more easily access the food they need to feed their young.

Birds that build their nests near water include herons, kingfishers, and ducks.

a toucan

Fun Facts: Most Colorful Birds

Birds are the top bearer of the most exciting colors when talking about the coloration of animals. Some bird species may even exhibit more than four colors. Striking first on the list is the Toucan. This bird has an interesting beak containing yellow, yellow-green, sky-blue, orange, and maroon colors.

Another bird that may interest your eyes is the Lilac-breasted roller. It has a purple breast and an olive or green-blue crown. On their side, they have dominantly brown or orange-colored wings and bodies that colorfully appear like a blue sky.

The Gouldian Finch will also top the list. They have a face that may appear black, red, or yellow, while the entire head is blue. They have a yellow belly, purple chest, and green wings. The Nicobar Pigeon is another bird species to include. They have a dominant gray head, gray-green neck, and white tail. If you observe their body, it is a metallic blue-green.

Lastly, hummingbirds will enter the list. A specific member, called the Fiery-throated Hummingbird, exhibits a rosy coppery orange throat, golden green sides, and a violet-blue patch at the center of its breast. Dominantly, they have bright green and bright blue-green sides and bodies.

Professional Bird Removal

It’s not new for birds to linger around your house. Once they do, you’re at risk of contracting serious diseases. They might also make your home unappealing by leaving droppings and damaging your sidings.

In these situations, a call to AAAC Wildlife Removal will resolve the issue. We have highly trained professionals who are experts in humanely removing birds from your property and control methods to deter their unwelcome appearances. 

Call us, and let’s schedule your consultation!

Final Thoughts

Birds diligently build nests for various reasons: to have their young close to food sources, protect them from the elements, and camouflage them from predators. The type of bird dictates where their nest site will be, with some in trees (forest), bushes, on the ground, or even near water.

Now you know where birds build their nests! Keep this information in mind the next time you see a bird nesting in your yard or a tree near your home. And if you ever need help with bird removal, call a professional like AAAC Wildlife Removal.

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