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Charleston, WV, is home to the gray squirrel. With the region’s consistent weather and abundant food supply, local squirrel control problems remain relatively persistent throughout the year. Squirrels problems do tend to be at their worst during spring and fall, when squirrels give birth and seek to build nests for their young.

You may have tried to use a squirrel trap to address squirrel problems. If you have, you’ve probably found that squirrels are not easily fooled. Squirrel control needs to start with the right approach. If a squirrel in your attic is causing a problem, then cages must be set and the problem squirrels caught. Once squirrel problems are resolved, maintenance and prevention strategies need to be implemented.

There is a squirrel repellant that does work in some circumstances. Ropel® is one of the leading repellants and will help stop the chewing and damage caused by squirrels. If your squirrel problem is squirrels chewing on your trees, Ropel is a great solution. Remember to always read and follow instructions before applying repellants.

Squirrel removal from attics, soffits and even crawlspaces is something that happens fairly regularly. If squirrels can find a place to get in, they will raise a family. Squirrel removal from squirrel traps will normally result in the relocation of them to another habitat. If you are able to do so legally, this is a great solution to this problem.

The most severe damage caused by squirrels occurs when they gnaw electrical wires. Squirrel damage to electrical wires can lead to power outages and fires. Squirrels in your attic can also do damage to your insulation by contaminating it with their waste or shredding it apart. And because they are rodents, squirrels are incessant chewers. They can destroy boards, walls and other building components.

In deciding which approach to take to squirrel control, it’s important to remember that scare tactics never work. You can buy any type of electronic scare device, but over the long term, it will not resolve the problem. Squirrels simply relocate to another part of the home or building. Electronic scare devices are not effective squirrel deterrents.

It’s also important to remember that there’s no such thing as squirrel poison. In all fifty states it is illegal to poison game animals. The poison peanuts you may see are not intended for squirrels but for gophers. An effective program of squirrel removal and prevention is the only way to make your home or building safe and healthy again.

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