Pocket gophers (more commonly known as “gophers”) can be the bane of home owners. With their sharp teeth and claws, they can quickly dig tunnels and burrows that damage lawns, and their incessant gnawing can also cause significant destruction to water and power lines.Gophers use pouches in their cheeks to carry food—hence the name “pocket” gopher.

Ext. Damage - Mod.
Small Mammal
Threat - Low
Waste Lvls - Low

Their habitats extend across a diverse range of ecosystems, but they are attracted to permeable soils that don’t experience flooding. They also prefer environments with plenty of available vegetation.The tunnel systems constructed by gophers can be enormous, since they like to outfit their networks with all the necessities of life, including living spaces, waste disposal and tunnels for draining water.Gophers can be found anywhere from lawns and landscapes to under porches and patios.

They can destroy both your landscaping and your vegetation. Since gophers move quickly, gopher control should be executed as soon as an animal has been found residing in your area. If you discover a gopher on your property, contact an animal control specialist. In many cases, trapping and removing a gopher is the necessary solution.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we can guarantee that our professionals will not only thoroughly resolve the problems generated by gopher occupation, but they will do so in the most humane way possible.Gophers like to die in strange places, and dead gophers can be found in crawlspaces and even in basements. If a dead gopher is not promptly dealt with, the body can cause further damage to your building while attracting other pests.

If you encounter a dead gopher on your property, contact a wildlife professional who can remove the body and then clean and deodorize the area.If you need assistance with gopher control or removal, we are just a call away! The professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal are your gopher control specialists.

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