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At AAAC Wildlife Removal of Charleston, WV, one of species of wildlife that we are most commonly called upon to control is beavers. Beavers can be found living in sheds and under porches. Beavers can cause extensive property damage through their gnawing of trees, and they are frequently a nuisance even in the wild due to their habit of damming waterways. The majority of beavers also carry a parasite called Giardia that can cause “beaver fever” in humans.

If you discover a beaver on your property, contact an animal control specialist. Although beaver relocation is illegal in some states, beaver trapping and relocation is one of the best methods of beaver control. And since animal life is valuable, it is important to trap beavers without injuring them.

Trapping is occasionally impossible, however, as when beavers get themselves stuck in locations such as window wells. These situations require professional assistance in removing the animals, since beaver bites can be highly dangerous.

Beavers like to die in strange places, and dead beavers can be found in crawlspaces and even in basements. If a dead beaver is not promptly dealt with, the body can cause further damage to your building while attracting other pests. If you encounter a dead beaver on your property, contact a wildlife professional who can remove the body and then clean and deodorize the area.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we are your beaver control specialists. If you require beaver control or removal, contact the professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Charleston, WV. At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we are your beaver control specialists.

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