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Moles are tiny creatures that seem like they can wreak more havoc than a gang of wild hogs. These little dirty devils can tunnel at an amazing rate and chew up more ground than you can shake a stick at. If a plentiful food supply is available, moles can quickly populate an area. At the same time, their population can be wiped out if there is a flood or severe drought. In years with locusts, mole populations swell.

Mole holes are normally 2-3 inches in diameter, and their tunnels can be hundreds of feet long. Moles and voles do not normally come above ground for fear of predators. Instead, moles and voles prefer to remain underground.

Mole mounds look like someone dumped a bucket of soil on the ground and mole tunnels looks like the soil is pushed up in a ridge for lengths at a time. Moles and voles also produce mole soil, which is the soil that is deposited when the dirt is excavated out of the hole. Mole burrowing can be quite deep when moles are searching for insects during dry spells. These deep holes make mole eradication and mole extermination difficult.

When you first set out on a mole control program, there is no way to know how many moles are present, but control services can begin trapping and then give you a basic idea.

Mole control begins with a trapping program, as AAAC Wildlife Removal in Charleston, WV, has not yet seen demonstrable benefits from a Talpirid program.

A typical ground mole control program consists of putting out traps. We don’t use any castor oil, and ultrasonic mole control devices or products are extremely ineffective. Chemicals such as mole worms and mole repellant are similarly ineffective. These also have negative effects on your lawn, and they often cause unnecessary pain to the mole. Instant kill traps kill moles with one closure of the trap, thereby inflicting minimal pain. Effective traps include the Victor® Out O’Sight® mole traps. You must also ensure that you are using the proper kind of trip. Moles and voles require different traps, since the vole is much smaller than a mole. Mouse traps can be deployed effectively against voles.

While many companies are selling their own approach to ridding your yard of moles, you need a professional who can get the job done without causing unnecessary suffering to the animal, damaging your property or simply wasting your money.

If you require long-term mole control in Charleston, WV, a mole control program may be right for you. Programs are normally offered for annual control, monthly or even weekly services to meet your needs. A mole control program can save a lot of money on lawn repair and can prevent injuries to anyone walking on your lawn, since sinking lawns can present a trip or fall hazard. And nobody likes the squishy feeling of walking on a lawn that moles have dug underneath.

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