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Skunk control and removal in Charleston, West Virginia, is a smelly situation. Skunk smell is very strong and lasts for a long time. The yellow substance that the skunk sprays can reach distances of 15 feet. If you are in the line of fire, you will receive a dose that you will never forget. In fact, if you are sprayed in the eyes, mouth, nose or other mucous membranes, it is possible to contract rabies through the spray, since skunks are some of the most common carriers of rabies. And of course a skunk bite is another way to contract rabies.

Skunks also carry fleas. If a skunk has intruded into one of your buildings, you need to examine whether it has brought fleas with it.

Removing skunk with the correct skunk trap and skunk control methods is important. Professional skunk removal experts use traps that will not allow the skunk to spray them. More than that, a professional can provide prevention so that the skunk will not once again intrude into a structure.

If you have been trying to get rid of a skunk and have not had any success, you might be having problems with either your bait or trap. To trap skunk the cage must be properly set with the proper bait in the proper location. You may also consider removing bird feeders, as these attract skunks. When considering options for skunk removal, you should also consider relevant state laws, since many states do not allow for skunks to be relocated.

So far there are not effective skunk repellants on the market, and no spray or electronic unit can remove a skunk from your building. Although skunks most often spray in response to a perceived threat, they can spray under buildings for what seems like no reason.

If a skunk installs itself on your property, you need to remove it immediately, since skunks can multiply rapidly, with litters commonly featuring 8-10 young.

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