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image of a raccoon
11/28/2022 5 minute read

Why do people hunt raccoons?

When most people think about hunting, they think of deer or other large animals. However, there is a lesser-known type of hunting that takes place in many parts of North America – hunting raccoons. So why do people hunt them? There are several reasons. This blog post will explore the most common reasons.

Top Reasons Why People Hunt Raccoons

Raccoons are hunted either for monetary gains, fun, sustenance, sport, or simply because they are seen as a nuisance. Here, we will explore each of these reasons in more depth.

Hunting raccoons have also grown more of a wildlife management operation in recent years. Raccoons are hunted for fun in many parts of North America. The raccoon’s natural curiosity, intelligence, and resourcefulness make hunting them especially challenging and rewarding.

Monetary gains

Raccoon pelts are also valuable and are often used to make coats or rugs. There was a time when raccoon pelts would sell for $30 each. However, the demand for raccoon pelts has decreased in recent years. Coon hunters typically hunt raccoons for their pelts from November to February. In order to harvest the pelt, you need to kill the raccoon. This can be done with a gun or by trapping them and then killing them.

Because they are a pest

The most common reason people hunt raccoons is that they are considered pests. While raccoons may seem cute and cuddly, they can actually be quite a nuisance. They often raid bird feeders and trash cans which can lead to costly repairs for homeowners or businesses. There have been cases where raccoons have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage in one night!

Raccoons can also carry rabies and other diseases, which is a major concern for public health officials. Rabies is a deadly disease that can be spread to humans and other animals. In order to protect the public, it is important to remove raccoons from populated areas.


Coon hunting is also a popular sport. There are many competitions where hunters compete to see who can kill the most raccoons. In some cases, the winner is decided by weight or pelt count. Hunting raccoons is a challenging and rewarding sport that has been part of American culture for many years.

This can be done with guns, coonhounds, or by hand, but most hunters prefer using guns because it allows them to take down larger prey such as deer and elk. Some top regions for modern coon hunting are Southern Michigan, Northeastern Indiana, Western Ohio, and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Raccoon hunting is fun because it’s a challenge to catch one of these animals. They are very smart and can outsmart even a skilled hunter. This makes hunting them both exciting and rewarding when you finally do catch one!

Population control

Raccoon hunting has evolved into a more serious wildlife management operation. In some states, the population of raccoons has gotten out of control. There are now more raccoons in North America than ever before. This is due to the fact that they can adapt to different environments and eat a variety of foods. Raccoons also have a high reproductive rate, which means their population can quickly grow out of control.

In order to keep the raccoon population under control, it is necessary for raccoons to be hunted in some places due to their high population, as otherwise, their numbers will grow unchecked.

For food

Raccoon hunting is also done to provide food for people. Raccoons are very versatile animals and can be eaten in many different ways. Raccoon meat can be used to make jerky, sausage, and other types of meat products. It can also be cooked in stews or casseroles.

Raccoon meat is considered to be quite tasty and has been compared to beef. It is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. Raccoon meat is also high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy alternative to other meats.

History of Raccoon Hunting

The raccoons were first hunted by Native Americans for food and fur. The practice of hunting raccoons with coon hunting dogs was established by early European settlers in Colonial times when the practice was taken up by them.

Coon dogs or coonhounds are bred to have a very strong scenting ability and are able to track raccoons through dense forests. They also have a high pain tolerance, which allows them to withstand the bites of raccoons. Coon hunting competitions subsequently resulted from this type of breeding.

Coon hunting competitions demonstrate the hunting skills of the coon dog and raccoon hunters. The dogs are judged on their ability to track, tree (chase raccoons up a tree), and bay (make the raccoon come out of hiding). These competitions are still held today.

During the great depression, many individuals survived by consuming raccoon meat or selling raccoon furs. There was a great demand for coon skins, which could be sold for a good price. The raccoon population had a downfall during this time due to overhunting but eventually rose back in the ’40s.

Until now, raccoon hunting has been a popular pastime in some parts of North America. It is a challenging sport that provides food for people, helps to control the raccoon population, and is considered a fun activity for many hunters.

Raccoon hunting regulations

Wildlife conservation officials in each state set hunting rules and seasons, as well as bag limits, which will differ. Because of the negative effects that raccoon hunting can have on a population, there are regulations in place to help ensure that these animals are hunted responsibly.

Coon hunting starts in most states in September and goes until the end of January. This allows plenty of time for the raccoons to mate and have young, which will help to maintain the population.

In order to hunt raccoons, a hunting license is required in most states. There are also regulations regarding the number of raccoons that can be hunted. In some states, it is illegal to hunt raccoons during certain times of the year or with specific types of weapons. It is also illegal to kill female raccoons and their young.

When can raccoons be hunted?

Much like deer hunting, coon hunting season varies in different states, but typically raccoons can be hunted from September to January. This is done to ensure that the raccoon population does not get too large and to give them time to mate.

Can You Shoot A Nuisance Raccoon in Your Yard?

If you have a raccoon problem, you might be wondering if it’s legal to shoot them. In most states, you are allowed to shoot raccoons inside your property if they are causing a problem. You should always check with your state wildlife agency to make sure you are following the correct regulations.

If you are able to coon hunt on your property, it is important to make sure that you do so in a humane way. Shooting the animal with a gun or using a blunt object are both methods that can be used to kill the raccoon quickly and painlessly.

Raccoon Diseases

Be mindful if a raccoon is on your property, as these animals can be carriers of diseases. Raccoons are known to carry rabies, which is a deadly virus that attacks the nervous system. Raccoon diseases can be transmitted to humans through contact with the animal’s blood, saliva, or feces.

Raccoon diseases can also be transmitted to dogs or any animals that come in contact with the raccoon. Dogs are especially susceptible to getting rabies from raccoons, so it is important to keep them away from these animals. Take extra care to keep you and your pets safe if there is a raccoon on your property.

Do You Have A Nuisance Raccoon On Your Property?

If you are experiencing problems with raccoons, AAAC Wildlife Removal is here to help. We have licensed professionals who can help you get rid of these animals in a safe and humane way. We offer a variety of services to help solve your wildlife issue, so call us today!


Raccoons are a common sight in North America and there are many reasons why they are hunted. Whether it’s for food, sport or to help control the population, raccoon hunting is a popular pastime in many states. There are regulations in place to ensure that these animals are hunted responsibly and humanely. If you have a raccoon problem on your property, instead of trying to remove them yourself, call a professional raccoon removal service so that you won’t have to needlessly harm the animal.

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