Are Raccoons Mean?

Raccoons are generally not mean, but they can be defensive

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Do Raccoons Come Out In Daytime?

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal but can occasionally be active during

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Where Do Raccoon Sleep ?

Ever wondered where those mischievous raccoons retreat to after a

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Facts About Raccoon Mating Season You Need To Know

Did you know that raccoons mate between late winter and early spring? Suppose you live in an area with these adorable masked bandits. In that case, you might wonder what exactly goes on during the raccoon mating season. Without further ado, here are facts about the raccoon mating season you…

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What Is A Raccoon’s Range?

A raccoon's range is the area that it occupies during its lifetime. This includes the areas where it lives, feeds, breeds, and travels. A raccoon's range can be as small as a few square miles or as large as several hundred square miles! So, have you ever wondered how far…

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