Name: Adria
Phone: 724-991-2524
Email: [email protected]
Street: 48033 County Rd 74
City: Orchard
State: CO
Zip: 80649
Tell Us: I originally sent this to: [email protected] That was listed on the local website, but it was sent back stating address could not be found…

Good Afternoon,

My name is Adria Streitman and my partner Leo Rosenbauer recently moved into 48033 Co Rd 74, Orchard, CO 80649. Upon entering the garage later yesterday evening we noticed a snake, and upon a second encounter just now we confirmed it to be a Prairie Rattlesnake. We would like to be sure that it is taken care of properly and is the reason for this email.

Please let us know if we have reached the correct department to discuss the removal of a Prairie Rattlesnake from our property.

You can reach us via email or by phone at 724-991-2524 or 724-504-7519.

Thank you for your time
Adria Streitman

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