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Waco Skunk Removal

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Waco Texas can help with Skunk Control, Skunk Removal and Skunk exclusion in Waco, Temple, Killeen, Belton Texas and surrounding central TX areas. Waco skunk control and removal is a smelly situation. Skunk odor is one of the most unbearable odors known to mankind. Skunk smell is very strong and lasts for a long time. The yellow substance that the skunk sprays can reach up to 15 feet. If you are in the line of fire, you will receive a dose that you will never forget. Skunk removal is not for the faint of heart and are also disease risks associated with removing a skunk. If you are sprayed in the eyes, mouth, nose or other mucous membrane, it is possible to contract rabies. Of course a bite is another way to be a rabies virus victim. Nobody wants to get bitten by any animal but definitely not a skunk as they are one of the most common rabies carriers.

Removing skunk with the correct skunk trap and skunk control methods is important. Our Professional skunk removal experts in Waco Texas use traps that will not allow the skunk to spray them. The will get rid of the skunks and provide prevention so they will not get back in. Wildlife experts know how to get rid of skunk and the odor they leave behind.

If you have been trying to get rid of skunks and have not had any success, it could be the bait you are using or where the cage is placed. To trap skunks, the cage must be placed properly with the proper bait in the proper location. There is a method to all of this and we don’t leave anything to chance. Getting rid of skunks and odor removal is only part of the problem. The fleas are also a problem as Skunks are tremendous flea carriers and should be addressed when the skunks are removed.

Skunk repellents don’t work, don’t waste your money as nothing works effectively yet. There is no spray or electronic unit that will remove the skunk from your house. Skunk problems will continue and removing skunks is the only answer to this problem. Sometimes skunks get upset and will just spray under your house for no reason. They could of course be fighting and this will cause them to spray. Remove skunks as soon as they arrive or they will just multiply and when they give birth it is to a huge number as 8-10 young or more are common for the skunk. Skunk pest control will be your best friend in times like this. Remove them and then prevent them from living in the area. Take down bird feeders and eliminate pet foods.

Skunk spray removal is what you will need and our odor control technicians will help with this problem. If you don’t know how to get rid of skunks, we can help with this problem. You really don’t want to have to find a cage, catch the skunk and then figure out what you are going to do with it. Getting rid of the skunk is the hardest part of all. Trapping skunks with special cages is the best way how to get rid of a skunk.

Again, repelling skunks with skunk repellents will not work so don’t waste your time and money. The only deterrent is a dog but you risk the dog getting sprayed. Repel skunk with a fence or by having them removed. There are many states that will not allow skunk relocation because of the rabies threats. Be cautious of what the law will allow in your state. Call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Waco Texas to help with your Skunk Removal, Skunk Control and Skunk Exclusion problems in Waco, Temple, Killeen and Belton Texas.

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