What do most coyotes eat?

The coyote population is widely distributed over most of North

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Coyote Mating Season

Coyotes, Canis latrans, are wild canids native to North America. These mammals are closely related to other canids, such as wolves and dogs. They are typically smaller than wolves but larger than foxes. The coyote population is very adaptable in nature. These native mammals have widened their natural territory. This is…

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Are Coyotes Destructive?

Animals are naturally curious beings. If they see something that interests them, they will investigate it. This is how they learn about their environment and what is safe to eat and what isn't. Unfortunately, this curiosity can sometimes lead to trouble. Coyotes are no different. If they see something that…

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What Diseases Can You Get From Coyotes?

If you're unfamiliar with coyotes, they are wild canids native to North America. They are often called "prairie wolves" or "brush wolves." Coyotes typically weigh between 20-45 pounds and can grow up to be about 3 feet long (not including their tail). The coyote population shows a resemblance to German…

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