Gopher Breeding Season

The gopher is a burrowing wild mammal found only in North America and is famous for creating soil mounds and pushing dirt around. Their bodies are designed for life underground, with short legs, whiskers, long claws, and thickened skin on their backs. They have small eyes and ears, and their…

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What Do Gophers Look Like?

Often misidentified as moles, pocket gophers are tiny, burrowing rodents that love feeding on roots, grass, and bulbs. In their cheeks, gophers have fur-lined pockets to store food, resulting in their name. Other rodents also possess this feature, but for gophers, their pouches open on the outside. In the United…

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Gophers Territory

Popularly referred to as gophers, pocket gophers are burrowing rodents of the family Geomyidae. These medium-sized rodents with fur-lined cheek pouches are famous for extensive tunneling and gopher mounds that they push to the surface. There are approximately 35 species of gophers, and they can be found throughout North and…

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How Big is a Gopher?

I'm pretty sure you've heard about gophers. And, I'm sure you know them for the strange holes in your yard or garden. Gopher mammals are small, furry, and burrowing rodents. They exist throughout North America and Central America. Gophers are originally pocket gophers. This is because they own external fur-lined…

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