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red squirrel in winter
11/28/2022 5 minute read

Do Squirrels Bark?

Squirrels are known to make lots of noises. They make lots of different chirps, grunts, and other noises. Common species like the Eastern gray squirrel are considered to be very chatty animals. However, do they ever bark? This article will explore the squirrel noises that these furry creatures make, and whether or not they bark.

Noises Squirrels Make

If you’ve ever watched grey squirrels in your backyard play, then you know that they’re chatty and full of energy. They will chatter at each other, chirp at other animals, and they will even make warning noises. These are just some of the sounds that squirrels can be heard making when living out in their natural habitat.


One of the most common noises that squirrels make is a high-pitched squeaking noise. This sound has many different meanings, so it’s hard to generalize what they might be doing when making this type of noise. It could mean excitement or fear, depending on their behavior and other factors around them at the time.


Another noise that squirrels make is a rapid chattering sound. This can be heard when two squirrels are playing, bickering with each other, or even at the same time as their squeaking noises. Chattering sounds will vary in pitch and speed depending on the situation.


Squirrels also make grunting sounds as a way to communicate with each other. These noises can be heard when they are excited or angry about something, and also during mating season.


When squirrels are worried or anxious, they will let out a low moaning sound. This can be heard when they know that there is danger nearby, like if a predator is nearby or they are being hunted. The sound is usually accompanied by tail flicking and other signs of distress.


Squirrels make a buzzing noise when they are in a state of alarm. This sound is sometimes accompanied by tail flicking and other signs that something nearby might be dangerous or threatening to them, like if you’re trying to pick up one off the ground.


The main sound that squirrels are known for producing is a “bark” which actually sounds more like the noise of a squeaky toy. The sound can resemble a dog barking but is much more high-pitched.

This can be heard when they feel threatened by another animal coming near their territory, or if someone comes too close to them while they are eating. It usually means they are warning other animals to stay away from the area. It has been speculated that they do this to sound like a larger animal.

Barking Squirrels?

So, do squirrels bark? The answer is yes. They make barking noises to warn other animals or people away from them when they are in danger, and they also make barking sounds when there is a predator nearby.

A squirrel barking at you isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. They are simply trying to protect themselves and let you know that they aren’t helpless or weak, as many predators think of them as prey.

Squirrel Alarm Calls

These sounds squirrels make are all alarm signals or calls. An alarm call is a way for them to communicate with other squirrels and tell the world around them that there is danger nearby.

There are different types of alarm calls squirrels to make depending on the situation. Here are the common calls you may hear, and what they mean:

Aggression Calls/Signals

These are sounds squirrels make warning nearby squirrels that they are trespassing and that the squirrels are not happy about it. These sounds can sometimes be accompanied by tail flicking if they make a warning call as well, which can mean an escalation from those initial signals to more serious ones. The sound of screeches, rattles and barks are the most common types of aggressive calls.

Hunger Calls

These are calls usually done by baby squirrels when they are calling for their mother to come to feed them. These “muk-muk” sounds are low puffing noises that are done when the baby is still in the nest.

Noisy Threat Calls

When squirrels are in danger or feel threatened, they will make a sound that is much louder than their other noises to scare off whatever it is that might be threatening them. Barking is usually associated with this sound and is often accompanied by tail flicking as well. Scientists have categorized barking into two different types: “kuk” and “quaa” barks where “Kuk” is a short bark and “quaa” is a longer bark.

Mating Calls

These are calls or signals a male squirrel is using to attract female squirrels. This sound resembles that of a baby squirrel, this signals that they are not a threat to the female squirrel. It is usually done in a series of “muk-muk” noises. Adult squirrels make this noise during mating season when they are looking for another squirrel to mate with.

What should I do if a squirrel barks at me?

If you encounter a barking squirrel, there’s no need to worry. It is simply trying to let you know that even though they are small, they are still going to protect themselves. You should respect their warning and back away slowly while watching the squirrel make sure it doesn’t become aggressive or attack you.

If a barking squirrel is in your yard, there’s no need to be scared of them either. The only reason a squirrel would bark when inside your backyard is that it’s protecting its territory.

Squirrel Removal Near Me

If you are tired of squirrels in your yard, it is easy to find a professional who can help you get rid of the pesky animals by trapping them. AAAC Wildlife Removal is a trusted name in the wildlife removal business and has helped thousands of homeowners resolve their pest wildlife problems. Call us now to get rid of those pesky animals!

Wildlife Exclusion

After removing squirrels from your yard, the next step is to make sure they don’t come back. You can do this by getting squirrel exclusion and prevention methods installed on your property that will keep them out for good. There are sealing caps that you can put over any holes in the foundation of your home or sheds, as well as other things like wire mesh that you can put over vents leading into your attic.

Attic Restoration

If you find that squirrels have already made their way into your attic, it is important to get them out as soon as possible or they could damage the insulation in your home. This will require an expert who knows how to safely remove the animals and restore the area so there are no remnants of what once was inside.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we provide attic restoration services that will make sure the area is safe and clean.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Damage repair is also something we provide to make sure the affected areas of your home are fixed. This can include things like fixing holes in the roof or siding, restoring insulation to your attic, and replacing any drywall that has been damaged.

If you need help with wildlife damage repair, give us a call today!

Dead Animal Removal

Sometimes a squirrel or other small wildlife will crawl inside your home or building and die. This can cause a horrible odor that can be tough to get rid of. Removing the carcass can be tricky because the animal may have become stuck in an area that makes it difficult to remove, like a cavity between two walls.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we can help you get rid of dead animals that have been stuck inside your home. We will locate the animal, remove it as well as clean up any mess that was left behind from the carcass and ensure there is no odor or damage to your building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do squirrels make sp much noise?

Squirrels make noise to communicate with other squirrels and animals. The most common noise squirrels will make is a barking sound, which they use to warn each other of danger or threats in their territory. Male squirrels also have mating calls that they use to attract female ones so the sound may be different than what you would hear from one warning another about something dangerous nearby.

What should I do if a squirrel is in my yard?

If you see squirrels eating in your backyard, the best thing to do would be to leave them alone and let them go on their way. Unless they are already causing damage to your property or are in your attic, then that is a whole different story!

If you see squirrel nests in trees near your house, you can trim back branches to make it harder for them to access your roof. You should also seal up any holes in your home that they could use to get inside.

What should I do if there’s a squirrel in my attic?

If you have found squirrels living in your attic, you must get them out right away. The longer they are allowed to stay inside the more likely they will cause damage and make repairs even more expensive for you. Give us a call and we can help with getting rid of squirrels.

What is the most common noise that I will hear from a squirrel?

The most common noises include barking, chirping, screaming, squeaking, or even purring. Sometimes it will be a combination of sounds to signal different things like warning signs and mating calls.

How long do squirrels hibernate?

Do squirrels sleep during winter? This is a common question from people, however, squirrels do not hibernate. They go into a state called torpor where they sleep more during the winter months. They will also spend more time in their nests and less time foraging for food since there are not as many resources available to them.

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