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Raccoon control and removal in Tarrant and Denton County are one of the frequent calls that most animal control companies in Texas receive all the year round. Denton is a vast metropolis type of area, and the excess of raccoon and other nuisance type animals is flourishing. Raccoon removal and control is a comprehensive service that is a must need throughout the entire Denton Texas areas. There are some common problems which are associated with raccoons, and the removal of raccoons in Denton and Tarrant County as follows:

  • Raccoons in the attic
  • Raccoons digging holes in your house
  • Raccoons tearing up your attic insulation
  • Raccoons Tearing up your ductwor
  • Raccoons digging holes in your attic screen
  • Raccoons can be a nuisance in Denton, TX

In Denton, Raccoons can create problem in a number of ways by destroying the trash cans, invading the attics in your home, getting under your crawlspace, boring holes underneath your balcony, digging huge holes in your lawn and many other things which raccoons do in Denton, Texas which is considered as annoying by the people.

Denton Raccoon Removal

BIn many ways, we can control the annoying raccoon problem in Denton, Texas. Untrained people should never try to trap or control raccoons, which may be one of the most hostile animals, we manage in Denton. The Raccoons in Denton will chew, abrade, scratch and do everything to shield their home ( which is mostly in your attics) or their babies.

Usually, baby raccoons are born in the month of May-March. Raccoons are very protective for their offsprings, and you should never eliminate the baby raccoons from their nest which their mother has made for them. Generally, she is nearby, and within a fraction of seconds, she can be there to help her baby raccoons. She can be very aggressive while shielding her babies and any attempt for eliminating babies from their bird nest should not be done without proper training or the required tools. In Denton, baby raccoons are usually born in the month of March, and their weight ranges between 1-2 pounds at the time of birth. By the age of eight, raccoon babies will initiate flying on their own from the den which may be in your attics or your chimney, while foraging for food. Your lawn, trash cans, the door of the dog or any other place in your home, become a good source of food for the raccoons from where they can get food.

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