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AAAC Wildlife Removal of Waco Texas can help with Raccoon Control, Raccoon Removal and Raccoon exclusion in Waco, Temple, Killeen, Belton Texas and surrounding central TX areas. One major difference is that the raccoons do not hibernate as they do in most parts of the country. This means that you will have more raccoon problems in Waco TX. One of the most popular calls is a raccoon in the attic. If you have raccoons in your attic, you will hear low thumping or walking sounds in the attic at night. Raccoons sleep during the day so if you hear noises during the day you most likely have squirrels. The word raccoon is probably one of the most misspelled words. People spell it racoon or raccon to name just a few. A raccoon in attic is definitely a problem for a professional raccoon control expert.

There are many ways of getting rid of raccoons and in fact there are some good repellents for this animal and is one of few animals that respond to repellants. The normal course of events is raccoon trapping. The pros know how to get rid of raccoons by using a raccoon trap or raccoon deterrent. If you have a baby raccoons in your attic or chimney, you must get rid of them as quickly as possible. The waste they leave behind can carry potential diseases such as rabies and raccoon round worm and they can affect your family’s safety and health. Raccoon traps come in many varieties with the common cage trap being the most used in an urban environment. Raccoon pest control should be done using the most effective and humane control method for the job and a safe environment.

Raccoon control get worse when there is food left out such as garbage. This will lead to a severe raccoon problems if left unchecked. Don’t leave your garbage, pet food or bird feed out as they will attract raccoons. They will also become aggressive when you stop feeding them. Raccoons in attic will damage insulation by urinating and defecating on it. They will also chew wiring, rip out vent screens or even the vents themselves. Raccoons attic can be an unbearable situation and you don’t want to live with. The unpleasant odor from urine is enough to send you packing to the local Holiday Inn. Trapping raccoons will solve this issue and we will relocate them if legal in your area.

We are often asked how to get rid or raccoons and our answer is always the same. You don’t want to do this by yourself. The raccoon is a very dangerous animal and you want to have a professional perform the raccoon removal. Raccoon control using the most advanced techniques is the only way to proceed with this process to get rid of raccoons. If you are unfamiliar with a raccoon trap, you could educate the animal and prevent it from being caught. This is very similar to the guy who attempts to work on his car and then has to have it towed in for repair by the pros. He could have saved a lot of money by having them repair it in the first place. Call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Waco Texas to help with your Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control and Raccoon Exclusion problems in Waco, Temple, Killeen and Belton Texas, TX.

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